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                                                      Visual Arts




"Who shall not REVERENCE YOU, O AHAYAH  and ESTEEM YOUR SHEM?           Because YOU alone are SET-APART.  Because  ALL nations shall                          come and Worship before YOU,  for YOUR Righteousness has                                 been made manifest! "

                                                                                       Revelations 15:4 (ISR98)

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 iCC Prep's LiturgicalARTS  Conservatory     

is uniquely designed to nurture and develop young  Ministers' CREATOR-given desire to create and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the CREATOR'S universe; receiving exemplary arts training from called out and anointed Minister(s) for the LiturgicalARTS: Dance, Drama, Music, and VisualARTS. 


 iCC PREP's Minister(s) for the LiturgicalARTS Conservatory are clear regarding their ecclesiastical assignment: To train, tame, and temper each YaShayah Disciple's unique giftedness; calling forth the "art" genre Ahayah has gifted them to be ANOINTED of Ruach HaQuodesh, being CONSECRATED unto the  SAVIOR to be used for the SPLENDOR of   AHAYAH, the ONE TRUE ALOHYM OF Y'ISRAEL–PERIOD!


Through various processes YaShayah Disciples will become aware of how the Arts relate to other areas of study, whereby, the examining of the human experience through history,  their own creativity, as an expression of culture and through the use of diverse mediums, technology, literature, and MOST importantly AHAYAHs WORD–fostering the propensity towards making value judgements and decisions about art which esteem the MOST HIGH.  Thereby, showing appreciation for HIS handiwork; differentiating that which is counterfeit with full understanding both have the innate ability to dramatically affect their lives!