iCC Prep's iSports

         Preparatory is New York's               ONLY AAU Basketball

         Program purposed to

raise the next generation of

KINGDOM Warriors on and off

the court; understanding that

what goes on off the court is             that which builds character on and off the court.  


Thus, iCC Prep's iSPORTS Preparatory is

designed to purposely develop and

enhance each Disciple's fundamental skills in preparation for long-term success on and off the basketball court. Thereby, becoming sufficiently

whole in the FATHER: Spiritually, 

Intellectually, Socio-Emotionally,

and Athletically; giving credence to

scripture which states our gifts are

without repentance.  Further,

understanding our gifts belong to the FATHER and must be sustained by righteous characters built upon the WORD. 

              iCC Prep's


                      Conservatory is New                             York's ONLY Specialized                          Arts Conservatory 

                          designed to nurture and develop young artists' gifts who                   appreciate the CREATOR's aesthetic beauty found in the arts; receiving exemplary arts training from called-out and anointed Minister(s) for the LiturgicalARTS: Dance, Drama, Music, VisualARTS.


Furthermore, iCC Prep's LiturgicalARTS 

Minister(s) are clear regarding their KINGDOM assignment: To train, tame and   temper Disciple's unique giftedness; to call forth the "creative art" form(s) the MOST HIGH have anointed them with the Set-Apart SPIRIT; to lead young ministers unto the consecration of their gifts to the FATHER to be used of the FATHER for HIS good pleasure; to give young ministers the understanding that gifts come without repentance. Therefore, as their reasonable sacrifice, they are called to use their gifts to testify of the awesomeness of the MOST HIGH!  

iLiturgicalARTS                CONSERVATORY


ICC Prep's 3rd-12th grades have full accreditation status via the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School  Improvement

(NCA CASI) Private Schools. 


Lion of Judah


                                                  iSports Preparatory   

iLiturgicalARTS Conservatory

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