iBiography . . .

 iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia's history is grounded in the accolades of its predecessor, RPAAUYM Inc., manifested in nineteen hundred ninety-nine; being rebirthed forth as the purified remnant duly commissioned and inaugurated by our Savior as partakers of the TRUTH to raise the NEXT generation of Disciples with Sword and Shield to go forth as S.A.L.T: Speaking, Acting, Leading, Thinking like the Mashiach of Nazareth–out loud and unashamed.


RPAAUYM Inc, a para-ekklesia ministry, was the seed planted in the hearts of two imperfect servants committed to each other and the will of the Most High AHAYAH in their lives the Mashiach would use to call in a harvest of unsaved youth and families to taste and see the goodness of our Creator; making a commitment to journey towards a lifelong personal relationship with Yashayah HaMaschiach.  Recognized in 2007, by New York State Education Department for Excellence in After School Experience, 21st Century Community Learning Center, for its unique ability to use Arts and Sports to enhance the academic achievement levels of students attending low-achieving public schools, RPAAUYM boasts its greatest accomplishment–creating an environment in public schools that would prepare the way for the Set-Apart SPIRIT to show up and show out.  In doing so, winning hundreds to the Creator as they were snatched out of darkness into the LIGHT of the Mashiach.  It's upon this foundation, iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia stands and shall continue to build upon.


Accordingly, iCovenant Congregation Prep serves in unison with the Believer's Home (First Place Ekklesia) and Place of Governorship (Church/Second Place Ekklesia) as the Body of YaShaya's first Third Place Ekklesia (Place of Academia and Discipleship Training): Receiving, Preserving, and Propagating the Most High's unadulterated doctrines and ordinances as the pillar of our Father's unmerited favor upon HIS creation, whence all knowledge, understanding and intellect emanates in the progressive prophetic fulfillment of Psalm 78:1-8. 

Elder Michael "ROC" Chapman and his beloved Dove, Chief Sea'Ven "Dinah Deas" Cadoche and are the chosen surrendered vessels the FATHER thought it not too much to birth forth iCovenant Congregation Prep as the Body of YaShaya's first Third Place Ekklesia, a Place of Academia and Discipleship Training .


Disclaimer: iCovenant Congregation Prep uses the Hebrew names of the Father (Ahayah), Son (Yashayah), and Set Apart Spirit (Wu Ruwach).