iAdmissions . . .


 . . because the unadulterated

Scriptural TRUTHS taught today

will be the theological convictions

lived out loud in community tomorrow!

     "Instructional Research Units"

iCovenant Congregation Prep's Birthers persuaded antiquated age-graded sterile classroom settings are antithetical to the WORD; inhibiting the proper nurturing, development, and flourishing of the FATHER's Divine Markers indwelling our children. Thereby, purposed to use MASHIACH-centered and Disciple-FOCUSED Instructional Research Units designed to conform to the CREATOR'S Perfect Design Model; yielding to the SET-APART SPIRIT in small Learning Communities (Cohorts) shepherded by an anointed Team of Ministers charged with moving Disciples on the continuum of learning from Revelation to Logos and from Logos to Rhema at diverse stages of learning–in nebula (prophetic) fulfillment of Psalm 78:1-8.


NOTE: iCC Prep's Ungraded-Multiage Discipleship Cohorts are meticulously designed two years and three grades with the minimum of 1:10 adult ratios, accordingly: 


  • LOWER EKKLESIA UNIT: Early Learner to Level IV–Ages 5-10 years

  • MIDDLE EKKLESIA UNIT: Level V to Level VIII Learners–Ages 8-14 years

  • UPPER EKKLESIA UNIT (UEU): Level IX  to Level XII– Ages 13-17 years


 Disciples receive both academic and spiritual assessments; as well a family interview as part of their enrollment process.  Bring attached flyer and receive Founding Family Privileges.

Enroll, NOW!!!

 the FATHER has admonished all those who call themselves by HIS Name to remove their seed from government institution who hate our CREATOR and enter them into the Houses of Y'Israel where they can be taught by anointed Ministers of the GOOD NEWS; becoming more learned in the ways of the JUDAH than that of Babylonia. 

It's as Easy as  One, Two, Three . . .

1. Download pre-enrollment form here, 

    and completely fill-out in legible print,

     sign, notarize, scan, and email

     to info@iCCPrep.com writing"Pre-                    enrollment Form" in Subject or mail.

2.  Click here to link to our secure online              PayPal account to send your initial                  $500.00 tax-deductible vow. Please

    write in Purpose Space provided               your first and last name along with           child's enrolling and the words                "Initial VOW."   The remaining Vow can

      be spread over 10-months span if                   enrolled by 7/1/16.

3.  Call 516-939-4WAY or eMail iCC Prep              letting us know you've completed the first      two steps towards enrolling your most            precious gift in iCovenant Congregation          Prep, in obedience to the FATHER iCC              Prep's Enrollment Office will contact you        within 24-hours to schedule Family                  Interview and Disciple Assessment.  Any        questions feel free to send us an eMail            and we will respond within 24-hrs.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (KJV)