iGiving . . .

Giving is the Highest Form of Worship . . .​​​​

Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Whether you decide to give a one-time or ongoing donation and/or make a yearly vow, iCovenant Congregation Prep appreciates your selfless act of giving.  Thus, pray a sevenfold manifestation of that which you have sown into our good soil, back unto you in this lifetime and one hundred fold in the lifetime to come.  For that which you sow into KINGDOM comes with eternal rewards.


May the favor of the MOST HIGH be continuous upon you and all that you encounter,


In the matchless name of YaShaya Maschiach,




Note: ALL gifts are tax-deductible.  Please check with your accountant for the verifiable amount.  Gifts are earmarked for Ekklesia's general operations unless duly noted as academic, arts, or athletic scholarship funds.