iBenifits . . .

Besides the many iSmiles evident on iCC PREP DISCIPLES' faces and the comfort given to families knowing iCC PREP is NOT a school but a Third Place Ekklesia "Place of Academia and Discipleship Training" where Ministers of the GOOD NEWS understand the difference between work and MINISTRY and a job and CALLING; serving children and their families as unto the FATHER, the ONE TRUE CREATOR over ALL THINGS; inclusive of education.  It's a GREAT place for the seed of the Children of the MOST HIGH of Israel to learn of the FATHER; having their gifts, talents and abilities covered and nurtured by those held to a greater accountability.


Thus, every Ministerial Team Member has been called and anointed to teach.  Further, comprehend one's eternal responsibility to the MOST HIGH and stewardship responsibility to students, parents, and community, at large.




iCovenant Congregation Prep's Total System of Academic & Ecclesiastic Instructions is designed to conform to the needs of each Disciple; having the following supportive structure which ensures

NO Child is TRULY Left Behind initiated via our Strong-SANCTIFIED Ministerial Team Members:


  • FOCUS on the attainment of clearly stated objectives through individualized  instructions.

  • Planned Individual Instructional Programs that fosters EACH Disciple progression at their personal rate of learning; achieving mastery before moving along the continuum.

  • Diverse Instructional Materials: Paper, CD Roms, Audiovisual, Integrative Technology, Demonstrative that accommodates each Disciple's CREATOR-print (Learning Style, Learning Modality, Spiritual Temperament and Giftedness).

  • Organized Modes of Instruction: Large Group and Small Group Instructions, Independent Study, One-to-One Instruction, to suit each Disciples CREATOR-print.

  • Matching Ministers of the GOOD NEWS and Disciples so each Disciple has the help of the Minister who best suits their specific learning task.

  • Low YaShaya Disciples to Minister Ratios in small communal settings.  Thereby, enabling ONE Learning ALL TOGETHER in Mashiach-centered milieus.



Ongoing Authentic Assessments and Criterion-Referenced Testing Individual Spiritual Guided Discipleship Modules (ISGDM) 40 Developmental Assets Plan (40-DAP) Disciple Issued Ekklesia Identification Number Disciple Issued Tablet Scripture Worldview Blended Curriculum: Paper, CD Rom, Online Engaging 3D Multimedia Content Enrichment WebsitesTutoring Hands-on Projects: Individual and Group Professional Evaluation of Tests Computerized Scoring & Teaching Scoring of Subjective Answers Quarterly Progress Reports Online Report Cards Annual National Standardized Achievement

Testing Reliable Support in Cohorts, Skype Online, or via Phone Expert Coaching, Conditioning, and Training, Basketball Clinics, Home/Away Games, Tournaments, and Camps Missions/Service-Learning Professional LiturgicalARTS Training: Dance, Music/Voice,Theatre and Visual Arts  Indigenous Hebrew Language 



             Student-FOCUSED–Homeschool                                                                           AWAY from Home!







                                                      Psalm 78:1-8