In accordance to Psalm 78:1-8 (KJV 1611), iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia has been commissioned to Raise

the NEXT generation of YaShaya Disciples

with SWORD and SHIELD to go forth as

S.A.L.T: Speaking, Acting, Leading and

Thinking like the MASHIACH BOLD, UNASHAMED and prepared to give an

answer for their TRUST in the unseen CREATOR over ALL things.


Thus, having three interrelated

core purposes:

1. To ensure  iCC Prep KINGDOM principles seamlessly integrate throughout our Ministry: Structural, Administrative, and Instructional. 


2. To ensure iCC Prep's YaShaya Disciples unabashed understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures as the CREATOR'S redeeming

non-negotiable WORD!


3. To ensure YaShaya Disciples are equipped w/SWORD and SHIELD to live OUT LOUD an uncompromised KINGDOM lifestyle to the esteem of the FATHER!



Understanding discipleship to be more than the transmittal of academia and the WORD; involving the inculcation of the hearts of YaShaya's Disciples, iCovenant Congregation Prep envisions a NEW Generation of Youth 4-YaShaya Disciples; STRONG in Heart (Spirit), Mind (Soul) and Body.  


Subsequently, living as a "COMMUNITY OF S.A.L.T-Y INDWELLERS, NOW!


Living OUT LOUD . . .


like HaMASHIACH, equipped and unashamed. 

iCovenant Congregation Prep hath been persuaded that in the absence of the ONE TRUE CREATOR authentic knowledge, understanding, and intellect cannot be attained.  For in the MOST HIGH alone, does undefiled intelligence emanate (Proverbs 1:7, 2:6, 8:22, 9:10, 12:8; Exodus 3:13, 35:31).  


Furthermore, cannot be revealed in the absence of the illuminating authority of the SET APART SPIRIT–the source of ALL TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT (1 Corinthians 2:13, 12:11).


Moreover, life only has its meaning as ALL aspects of the "Believer's" experiences are related to the ONE TRUE CREATOR.  Of which, the SET APART SPIRIT is given to guide, govern, and direct Believers unto the path of righteousness according the inffaliable WORD!