iCore Curricula . . .


Proverbs 2:6 (KJV)

"Education is useless without the Scriptures.  The Scriptures were America's basic text book in all fields.                                               The Most High's Word, contained in the Scriptures, have furnished all necessary rules to direct our conduct."

                                                                                                                                                                    –Noah Webster

iCovenant Congregation Prep Individual Spiritual Guided Ecclesial (ISGE) MultiUnit Ecclesiastical System (MUS-E) unsurpassed structural blueprint chosen to accomplish the Most High's audacious clarion call is the Ecclesiastic Prototype of Herbert J Klausmeier and Wisconsin Research and Development Center for Cognitive Learning: Individually Guided Education (IGE)–Total System of Education for Elementary schooling researched and developed during the late 1960s.  Of which, by default, is rooted in a theology beholden to Personal Designer Markers (PDM) of our Most High. Thereby, innately providing the Structural, Administrative and Instructional infrastructure required for improved YaShaya Disciples' Righteous Intellectual Achievement (RIA) outcomes within a Set–Apart SPIRIT integrated community.


Accordingly, iCovenant Congregation has rid itself of modern day schools' antiquated classrooms, opting for Instructional Research Units that allow iCC Prep disciples to be at the helm of their learning experience.  Moreover, our ungraded– multiage instructional units allows each disciple to progress through the curriculum based on their personal rate of learning.  Noting mastery of curriculum must be attained before iCC Prep Disciples advance towards the next unit of learning.


iCovenant Congregation Prep proudly boasts of using the same curriculum the Lifetime Television Show "the Duggars" use for their children and now, grandchildren.  Alpha Omega Publishers are the premier curricular chosen by Believers' families because of the seamless integration of scriptural truths and core curriculum; in addition, to the diverse modes of instruction, it provides–WorkText, CD-ROM, and/or Online.  Further allowing iCC Prep Disciples to learn ONE–ALL TOGETHER, be it, small group, medium group, large group, one-on-one, peer or individualized instruction; having low Disciples-to-Associate Ministers ratios.  


NOTE:  The  Ingenious Phoenician Hebrew Language is a part of iCC Prep's Curriculum