iServants . . .

Ekklesia Consulate
Ministerial Team

Dr. Sea'Ven Cadoche, Overseer

Shepherd Roc Chapman, Overseer

Shepherd-Chief Melchizedek Administrative Minister for Excellence in Academia, Arts, and Athletics in Integrative Technological Ecclesiastic Instructions.

Shepherd-Chief Melchizedek Minister for Excellence in KINGDOM Operations, Athletic Management, and Ministry Integrity.

Shepherd M. Chapman, Overseer                 Dr.  S. Cadoche, Overseer

Minister R. Knox, Member                              Minister S. Flores, Member

Secretary Minister of Mus-Ekklesia                                        KINGDOM Operations Associate Minister   

Senior Minister of Excellence for Ecclesiastic Instructions  Academic Associate Minister(s)        

Communications Minister                                                         Minister(s) for the Liturgical Arts

Divine Health Minister                                                               Mus-Ekklesia Minister Intern(s)

John 12:46