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To be worn under iArmor and as a Tee-shirt during the spring and summer months

iArmor Underwear

  • Shalom Family,

    It's with all praise, honor, and the esteem of the MOST HIGH that  iCovenant Congregation Prep provides Ekklesia iArmor as our  “thank you” for your gift of $5.00 or more as a way of showing our appreciation for your sowing into the KINGDOM; allowing us to continue to spread the GOOD NEWS amongst the youngest in the KINGDOM. Please ensure that you select the appropriate sizes.  We are unable to return donations, exchange sizes and/or cancel donation once its processed.

    Again, we appreciate all you do to support the advancement of the KINGDOM via iCovenant Congregation Prep.

    Servant of the MOST HIGH,

    Secretary Minister of Mus-Ekklesia

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