New York's KINGDOM Couple Rises Against ALL Odds by “People Magazine”

Over twenty-five years ago when Shepherd ROC and Dr. Sea'Ven said, "I DO" little did they know what the FATHER had purposed for their lives. Ladened behind the good times of raising children and grandchildren, building successful careers as educational entrepreneurs-overseeing an Urban Youth Ministry for over fifteen years; many years of trials and tribulations would be the very thing the FATHER would used to Chapman's life purpose as ONE!

ALL PRAISES to the MOST HIGH, sixteen years later, that which the FATHER had impregnated the couple has come into fruition. iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia located in Oceanside, NY., is the Body of MESSIAH'S first Third Place Ekklesia (Place of Academia and Discipleship) purposed to consummate the 3-Strand Cord: Home + Ekklesia + Place of Academia-together receiving, preserving and propagating the MOST HIGH'S doctrines and ordinances to raise the NEXT generation with SWORD and SHIELD to go forth as S.A.L.T: Speaking, Acting, Leading, Thinking like the MESSIAH prepared to give answer for the reason for their TRUST in the WORD!

iCovenant Congregation Prep launches Fall 2016-2017, holding Chosen 4-Purpose Information Sessions in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island beginning April, 2016 culminating August 2016.

Visit www.iCovenantCongregationPrep.Org to learn more about the KINGDOM of the MOSt HIGH's first Third Place Ekklesia.

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