iCovenant Congregation Prep Isge Mus-Ekklesia Calls Oceanside New York Home.

True to whom the FATHER is, after seven years of searching for a home, iCovenant Congregation Prep encountered an angel who would be used of the FATHER to find them a new Ekklesia home. Arthur, a gentle soul was relentess with his drive and determination to help Dr. Sea'Ven and Shepherd ROC relocate and relaunch the ministry the MOST HIGH used them to birth forth. After several failed matches, Arthur recalled a Pastor he assisted over ten-years prior in securing a building in Oceanside, New York.

In meeting Pastor Dan De Jesus of the Ark of the Covenant Church in Oceanside, NY, the Birthers knew this is where the FATHER would have them call home. The rest is SET APART SPIRIT HISTORY!

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